On Own Wheels

Mehrere Busse stehen auf einem Parkplatz

On Own Wheels

We are specialized in transporting vehicles on their own wheels as well as in multimodal transport. To ensure the greatest possible degree of flexibility in vehicle transportation and prevent communication problems in the countries en-route, we use groups of drivers of different nationalities. The concept of changing drivers on long stretches en route enables maximum flexibility in regard to pic-up arrangements and guarantees optimal transportation.

Mehrere Busse fahren hintereinander

The international driver teams are headed by experienced convoy leaders. Drivers attend intensive, regular training sessions held at our in-house terra Drive Academy for specialized training that gives them exactly the preparation they need for the job.

Ein Kran, der auf eigener Achse fährt

Training includes local conditions in the specific regions (including use of snow chains, driving in the mountains, etc.) as well as correct handling of all documents accompanying the transport (customs papers, vehicle condition report, etc.). If special permission is necessary for oversized or heavy loads, our permit and authorization team obtains the necessary approvals in advance so that the transport can be performed without delay. If our customers request transportation on a zero-mileage basis, we load the vehicles onto appropriate special trailers and take responsibility for the logistical side of the transit, within the framework of our terra Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) concept.