On my own

Several buses are in a parking lot

Vehicle transfer on your own axis

Our specialty is the transfer of vehicles on their own wheels as well as in multimodal transport. In order to ensure maximum flexibility during the vehicle transfer and to avoid communication problems in the countries to be passed through, driver groups of various nationalities are deployed. The high number of drivers and the principle of changing drivers on long journeys allows for maximum flexibility in terms of pick-up and guarantees a quick transfer.

Several buses drive in a row

Experienced convoy leaders lead the international teams. Through intensive and regular training, which is carried out in a specialized terra Drive Academy, the drivers experience specialized training in order to prepare them specifically for their assignment. The conditions of the respective regions are also integrated into the training (e.g. use of snow chains, driving in the mountains, ...) as well as the correct handling of all documents accompanying the transport (customs documents, vehicle condition report, ...).

A crane that moves on its own axis

If special permits are required, for example for excess dimensions and weights, these will be obtained in advance by our approval department so that your transport can be carried out without delay. If our customers want transport in the O-Mileage system, we load the vehicles onto suitable special trailers and take over the entire transport logistics in the terra Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) concept.